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Ad Astral Science Fiction Podcast

Welcome to the Ad Astral Podcast Page

A triannual transmission podcasting DJ Burnham's short stories

Oct 25, 2009

Podcast : Ad Astral
Episode: A Growing Collection

Herbert Scrottins had a hobby and it presented him with the job opportunity of a lifetime. But could there be a catch?


Written, narrated and voice acted by DJ Burnham

Some of the special effects come...

Jul 27, 2009

Podcast : Ad Astral
Episode: Dream Girl

With all the fun of the fair: alien cabaret acts, romance and sinister undercurrents collide when the star-travelling Carnival of Delights comes to planet Leopani and changes the life of one young man forever.


Written and narrated by DJ Burnham

Voices: Jules Lawrence,...

Apr 30, 2009

In a futuristic homage to a Samuel Beckett classic: two voices in the dark are patiently waiting for the Doctor to visit them. But would he ever come?
Written and narrated by DJ Burnham
Voices: Martin Cooper, Anand, Carol Rogerson, Chris Edwards, Wendy Pratt, and Colin Gerrard.
Music: The Fish...

Mar 8, 2009

This story for this episode is:
and it first appeared on in 2006 and then in Test Drive (Volume 1 of the collected stories of DJ Burnham) in 2007.

It had finally happened: an alien invasion!
But it was not quite what they had been expecting. . .


Welcome to Ad Astral

Jan 8, 2009

Ad Astral presents the short science fiction stories of DJ Burnham in a quarterly podcast. Over time we hope to bring you tales from the near and distant future, as well as alien worlds and alternative realities, from the commonplace to the downright weird. We also plan to have some guest voice actors and to attempt...