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Ad Astral Science Fiction Podcast

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A triannual transmission podcasting DJ Burnham's short stories

Dec 28, 2018

Podcast: Ad Astral

Episode 32: ICS Indulgence

The Intergalactic Cruise Ship Indulgence has diverted from its course to Sylvana II to witness a rare astronomical event

Written and narrated by DJ Burnham


Tom Andrews as himself

Miles Jefcoate as Chief Engineer Zegti

Simon Taylor as Captain Francis Swan

Martin Cooper as Safety Officer Scrog

Nick Pynn as First Officer Yippo Rax

Al Cruse as Helm

Kate Daisy Grant as Science Officer Gisherry 

Gina Bardi as Helen Tredgold

Ty Bardi as John Tredgold

Martyn Ford as Gerry Chattny

Chrissie Toye as C-Deck Beauty Therapist


Cigdem Ford as Maria Chattny


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